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SMP 09: How David started his solar company with David Magid from YSG Solar

January 1, 2019

About our Guest:

David Magid is the founder of YSG Solar, a clean energy technology company based in New York City. They do project development and solar-array installment for residential, commercial and industrial clients with a focus on cost efficiency and promoting innovative generation, distribution and storage technologies. David has worked in a variety of aspects of the energy industry for over 10 years, including geothermal and wind energy, energy storage and energy management systems.


Episode summary:

David talks about how he got involved with the solar energy industry and eventually started his own company. His diverse background in clean energy technologies gives him a broad perspective on the many components at play within the industry. He offers insights on selling solar to residential customers and how that work has changed over the last decade.


Insights from this episode:

  • Strategies to cultivate your sales skills
  • How to approach residential customers about solar arrays
  • How New York can overcome the barriers to achieving its lofty energy goals
  • Tips on emerging opportunities and trends within solar and energy efficiency


Quotes from the show:

  • “It’s a very competitive landscape, which is great because I think it really brings out the innovation in the industry when you have that.” - David Magid, Episode 9
  • “Treat every single project like it’s your first project that you’re dealing with, and show it the respect that it deserves.” - David Magid, Episode 9
  • “It’s the holy grail. Storage is what we’ve been reading and studying about for years, and it’s finally coming so it’s a really exciting time.” - David Magid, Episode 9
  • About entering the solar industry today: “There’s so many places and roles to fill – policy, engineering, dealmaking – there’s a lot to get done and a lot of opportunity.” - David Magid, Episode 9
  • “We’re going under an energy revolution with renewables and everything else, it’s just a really exciting time in technology, and so I believe just like you, David, the sky is the limit for opportunity.” - Benoy Thanjan, Episode 9
  • On why he reads so much policy and follows it so closely: “We’re moving at such a fast pace that we need to study this market otherwise we’ll get eaten up.” - David Magid, Episode 9


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